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Big Apartment Interior Design In Tokyo

Big Apartment Interior Design In Tokyo

Big Apartment Interior Design In Tokyo

Big Apartment Interior Design In Tokyo

Big Apartment Interior Design In Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the cities which is having a big growth of the presence of high-rise luxury apartments. They are usually quite big an have very expensive decorating. This one in Roppongi Tower Atlas isn’t exclude. It’s expected to be completed in February 2010.

Because it’s situated on 13th floor it has great panoramic views. The interior designer adapted to that and placed the sofa near windows adding the opportunity to enjoy the view but not usual TV. Lighting system isn’t simple in the apartment. Besides lighting from ceiling there are indirect lighting, wall brackets, floor lamps and so on. So the lighting around the apartment is adjustable for any needs. The entrance hall has great bracket piece of Japanese paper art. Mirror glass walls make this piece viewable from everywhere near it. The bathroom besides bath has mirrors from both sides and TV built-in in the wall. Besides usual but great modern kitchen the apartment has the bar where owners could spent time with their guests. There is also big-screen TV to watch favorite sport games. When the building would be completed, this apartment would be great urban luxury addition to the Tokyo streets.

Big Apartment Interior Design In Tokyo

Modern Celebrity home

Modern Celebrity house has 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath and sits up in the Hollywood Hills, off Mullholland Dr. Its design amazingly use awesome city views around. It also utilizes plenty of “green” technologies like using recycled glass, recycled marble, cork flooring and so on. The entrance to the main level, is through an enclosed private courtyard. The great room is comprised of the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

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every celebrity needs besides luxury from their home? Of course it’s privacy and probably a good location. The 10,000-sq.-ft. ultra-private house in a gated community off Mulholland Drive which rests at the end of a 250-ft. driveway with its own gate will be a great choice. The history of the house can easily show that. Once it was owned by Jenifer Lopez and now it’s Gwen Stefanie’s home. American-Iranian entrepreneur, Sam Nazarian, who is quite famous around Beverly Hills, was the owner between two pop divas.

The house is very interesting inside. It has just 1 store and all major rooms in it are aligned off central gallery that runs the length of residence. 4 bedrooms and 6,5 bathrooms are made in light mostly white tones. Calcutta floors create great reflections and incredible look. Over two acres of the estate has tennis court, elegant pool, fountain and spa.

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beverly hills celebrity residence

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